Own your GDPR compliance story

Successful organisations will be those that can deliver innovation AND protect personal information.

To protect personal information you need to believe in, create and drive your own culture of continuous GDPR compliance. We help you achieve this by making all your staff understand privacy; care about privacy; and do their bit to help with privacy - simply and forever.

The Privacy Compliance Hub is one easy to use platform which enables organisations like yours to quickly build and maintain a comprehensive data protection compliance programme. It contains everything that you need.

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What the Hub does for you

Reduces the risk of
data breaches

Our platform embeds a culture of continuous compliance within your organisation in an engaging way. This is the only way to achieve ‘real’ compliance.

By keeping our Eight Privacy Promises your organisation reduces the risk of damaging data breaches and protects its bottom line.

Builds value in your

Your customers and your partners increasingly want to know that you understand and care about privacy before they deal with you. They expect you to keep your promises about privacy. They need to be able to trust you.

Our platform enables you to demonstrate that you care about privacy, which builds trust and creates value.

What our clients say

What you get in your very own Hub

A comprehensive GDPR
compliance programme

Our data protection experts have broken down the requirements of data protection law, including the General Data Protection Regulation, into Eight Privacy Promises.

If your organisation keeps its promises, your organisation will be compliant.

We continuously provide curated information, news and guidance to keep you up to date.

A flexible methodology
& structure

It is you and your staff that needs to understand GDPR compliance. Our platform tells you how to get GDPR compliance done. It shows you how to get started. It helps you keep going. It tells you what you have missed. And it tells you when law and guidance changes. It enables you to build, maintain and own your compliance story and show that story to customers, partners and regulators.

GDPR training

Interactive GDPR training is provided by the platform, enabling all your staff to watch engaging and informative videos, wherever they are. The Hub automatically records who has been trained in a simple dashboard enabling you to report internally and to regulators (if necessary) to show your compliance.

Practical tips

Our curated information sources, glossary and practical ‘Privacy Tips’ cut through the confusion and tell you simply how to get GDPR compliance done and keep your compliance programme alive and up to date.


Step by step guidance with over 30 simple templates to enable you to build and maintain privacy, data protection and GDPR compliance quickly and securely.

Records and reporting

We provide all the records and reporting you need to comply with the GDPR. You have full flexibility to use our templates or your own documents (or a combination of both). You can host or we can host.


“We have found the Privacy Compliance Hub invaluable as a framework for embedding privacy compliance across our organisation. The “Promises” have been a clear and user-friendly way to spread awareness of the main themes of privacy compliance. The Hub has useful templates and regulatory updates, and great practical advice too - the Data Champions we appointed across the business have helped us ensure a high level of engagement in data issues.”

Rebecca Miller
Deputy Controller of Corporate Legal & Governance
and Data Protection Officer - Channel 4

A culture of continuous compliance

We believe that the only way to achieve GDPR compliance is to build and maintain a culture of continuous compliance. Engage your whole organisation over time and you will change your culture. But how do you do that?

Culture begins with choice

If everyone chooses to do something, they will act. Just like people first need to choose to care about the environment before they start to recycle, your staff need to choose to care about privacy before your organisation can be privacy compliant.

Creating a habit

Just like recycling, you need repeated actions of everyone to become a habit; that habit then defines your culture; and that culture is what distinguishes you from your competitors. The Hub helps you create those habits

Processes and structure

But how does the Hub do that? It creates the habit with processes and structure. That is what The Hub and its Eight Privacy Promises provide. The Hub is one central place to record, demonstrate and account for all your privacy, data protection and GDPR compliance activities. It creates those habits within a structure that everyone can understand, not just compliance professionals.

Understand, care and do

The Hub helps you shape the attitudes and behaviour of people. Or as we say, if people understand, they will care. And if they care, they will do. We want people to make the right decisions in relation to personal information. The Hub helps people understand what the right decisions are.

Own your compliance story

Culture spreads and builds through the use of stories and habits. Let us help you own your compliance story.

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